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Hiring Process Development

Updated: Jun 10

Our Growth, Hiring, and Payroll Series will help give your company a much needed boost in order to further the efficiency of the day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year process. Each article will discuss common tasks that companies face while maintaining compliance with federal and local law. Give your company a leg up over the competition and be sure to check out each article for valuable insights that will help get your company to the next level.

Don't Wait to Develop a Consistent Hiring Process

Developing your hiring process is something often left unaddressed until a company has an in-house HR manager, but this is a huge mistake. You can save significant time and money, and make more effective hiring decisions, by developing a consistent process as soon as possible. It is recommended to implement a consistent procedure between your 3rd and 5th hire, if not sooner. By that point, you have had some exposure to the hiring and training process and should be formulating your company culture and team roles.

Most small businesses do not have the resources or the need to hire a full time HR person. Some smaller businesses may turn to recruiting companies or temporary employment agencies to find the right people for the job. This works well sometimes because these companies have access to people with the exact qualifications that your business may be looking for. However, this method comes at a relatively large cost financially. In the case of temp agencies, it also brings the risk that high quality applicants may take employment elsewhere if it guarantees some sort of permanence. Small businesses usually have to rely on their management team to conduct the hiring process. Implementing a consistent process can help you make this work as efficient as possible while you are building your foundational team.

Here are some of the items that will need to be addressed when implementing a hiring process.

  • Where will you share the job opportunity? How will you streamline applicants to one place for efficient review?

  • What are the steps between deciding that you need to make a hire and your chosen candidate's first day? How long will it take to move from one step to the next? Clearly outlining these steps will help you to weed out bad candidates and spot the best ones: Developing the role, writing and posting the job opportunity, reviewing applicants, sending initial questions, an interview, a second interview with an additional team member, issuing an offer of employment, and designing the employees training objectives, are all steps that you can clearly define to help you weed out bad candidates and spot the best ones.

  • Who writes the job description and what elements are included? A role summary, company introduction, list of duties and responsibilities, list of qualifications and experience required, pay rate, schedule, and manager title are common.

  • What are the non-negotiables you are looking for from every single person on your team? These are often the characteristics, mindsets, and behaviors that contribute to the company culture and/or overall expectations. Here at Sonder Accounting, all of our team members must be ready and willing to perform duties above and beyond their main role as team goals require.

  • Clarify Mission, Vision, and Goals to get the right fit. Strategically defining your company culture provides you an opportunity to assess applicants against their potential contribution to your big picture goals and values.

  • Work with a reputable payroll provider to ensure compliance in the hiring and payroll process. Honest mistakes made by well-meaning people lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars of penalties every year. The Small Business Administration has laid out the guidelines that businesses must follow in order to maintain compliance.

If you’re hiring employees, plan to be in it for the long haul because it often takes a few tries to get the right fit. The Growth, Hiring and Payroll series includes tools to empower you with Hiring Strategies, Contractors and Employee guidelines, Hiring Processes, Payroll information, and Benefits.

  • Hiring Strategy will give you information which saves time and money

  • Contractor Vs. Employees helps businesses to clearly define roles and maintain compliance

  • Hiring Process will give you good ideas about a process that works for your business

  • Payroll 101 will familiarize you with the process that is needed for compliance

  • Benefits 101 will allow you to be the most competitive company for the most qualified employees

Be sure to check out all of them, your business and your personal well-being will thank you for it!

The Payroll Process Simplified

Payroll is hard, Gusto makes it easy.

Here at Sonder Accounting, we partner with Gusto to make payroll a breeze for our clients. Check it out and feel free to reach out if we can support you in your payroll journey!

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