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Cashflow Planner
Template Google Sheet

Sonder Accounting built the Complete Cashflow Planner  to help you forecast your business cash flow and make more informed decisions about potential investments or expenses.


The template is easy to use and customizable to fit your specific needs. Track your income and expenses by batch type OR individual transaction. 

Your download includes a video walk through of the simple setup to making the sheet efficient and effective for your business. 



What's included?

Your download of the Complete Cashflow Planner includes everything you need to set up & maintain a cashflow management system for your business: 

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Complete Cashflow Planner

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Who is this for?


The Complete Cashflow Planner  is built specifically for you if...

You are Founders & leaders of consumer wellness brands such as cosmetics, supplements, food products, etc.

Your brand is actively engaged in the marketplace via both sales and vendor transactions.

​You are feeling momentum build and need to get your financial house in order.

​You are wondering if the time spent managing your money is effective.

​You are feeling a great deal of stress in making budgetary decisions.

​You're having trouble identifying when to execute certain purchases such as inventory re-ups or equipment investments.

​You're spending a lot of time reviewing your bills and your bank account, often relying on your bank balance to decide which bills to pay.

​You want a simple and effective system to help you oversee the financial processes working in your business. 

Hi, I'm Kara. 

Retail Wizardess- from D2C to Distribution
- your very own Functional Fractional CFO


I’m not your average, everyday accountant.


My bean counter brain is precisely calibrated for product-based businesses and all of the unique challenges you face with purchasing, warehousing, fulfillment, distribution, and omni-channel sales.


I first jumped down the retail rabbit-hole way back in 2014, in the most novel industry out there - the cannabis industry, literally carving an entire supply chain out of regulation. 


In 2016, I launched Sonder Accounting to apply the hard lessons learned to the broader consumer wellness sector.


Now, after 7 years helping over 100 retailers and brands clarify their financials, identify winning initiatives, and iterate their way to significant growth, I am sharing the toolbox we’ve custom built along the way.



We’ve worked with over 175 consumer brands, e-commerce stores, retail shops, and service providers since 2016. 

Here are just a few examples of their feedback…

I really appreciate how all of you at Sonder are very responsive and the fact that I know you will send me financial reports every single month


Sonder Accounting helped us through a messy onboarding process with new ERP software. Their communication about timelines and schedules was crystal clear.


It was very helpful for us to walk through the outstanding issues with you. Clearly you have gotten up to speed on out business and it shows​



Kara is the real deal people!

Contact her for this and CFO services.

​​​MATT S.

Awesome accountants and people! Max and Kara cleared up my QBO that I had muddied up quickly and professionally. Highly recommend.​​​



I've been able to work with Kara on all my business accounting needs, she's amazing and VERSED in cannabis businesses and accounting matters.​


Kara is the BEST! Would highly recommend her services.



Kara (and team) Rock... love working with the team at Sonder!!


Kara just started handling our business finances. I'm sure she can help you, too. Her company offers a wide range of financial services and is super knowledgeable and attentive.​





Don't accept daily stress and uncertainty. 

There is a better way to manage your finances. 

You just need the toolkit.

Spend 30 Minutes a Week to

Simplify Your Money Moves.
It's time to build your business with confidence.

The act of managing your money should invoke vibes of confidence and decisiveness.


Too often, we see founders flailing, attempting to make decisions without adequate tools.


They wind up feeling burnt out and wildly unsure of which moves to make and when.


In best case, they cobble together the inventory needed to grow sales without stiffing the wrong vendor and eventually they put the necessary systems into place.


In worst case, they continue to overinvest resources without a strategic runway plan until they simply can’t make the next move and decide to throw in the towel.


It doesn’t have to be this way while you are building your brand’s impact.


Yes, even if you are bootstrapping.

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by Sonder Accounting


Cashflow & Profitability

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