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We transform retail wellness brands into profitable vehicles with expansive opportunities for impact through exceptional financial coaching.
The wellness business is
Good Business.
and You should feel the same way about your finances. 


Rooted in activism and industry, we've been committed to serving wellness brands since 2009.


We turn your financial data into the key you need for stronger strategic decisions.


Our flat monthly packages enable us to build efficient systems without a surprise bill at the end of the month.


Developing close relationships with our community is incredibly important to us. 

Get the right tools and services for your business.

Running a business in a volatile industry pulls you in so many different directions.


We're here to help with custom built accounting and financial services packages to fit your needs.


CFO & Advisory

Superior Sales

Tax Management


Performance Indicators

Accounts Receivable 

& Accounts Payable


Quickbooks Experts

Budgeting for a Rainy Day

(and a Sunny one)

People Processes

You have many options for outsourcing your payroll. But few of those services specialize in working with specifically with retail wellness brands. Our years of experience working directly with product businesses have prepared us for all the twists and turns that are bound to occur. From establishing new employers to creating benefits programs, Sonder implements efficient payroll systems geared towards the unique challenges our industry faces.

To stay on top of common payroll and HR management issues, our payroll manager is a certified Gusto People Advisor. That means we are not only highly proficient with payroll and HR-related processes, but are also skilled at providing specialized treatment for small businesses with 1-200 employees.


We have the best results working with clients who:​

Who We Serve

We specialize in providing flat-rate monthly accounting and financial services to retail wellness businesses including  supplements, cosmetics, fitness supplies, and health food brands.


Our clients are brands that sell directly to consumers and supply brick-and-mortar stores across the country with high-quality wellness products.

  • Have demonstrated success with annual gross revenues over $100K

  • Value strategic decision making over emotional reactivity

  • ​Require efficient and effective financial systems to scale their business to the next level

Green Juices

Why is Sonder Accounting the trusted financial advisor for your retail wellness business?

Healthy Fruit Juice

We are accountants that know D2C & B2B Retail!

Especially in the wellness sphere.

For the past 6+ years, we've been working directly in accounting for wellness brands in the most novice sector of the retail industry: hemp & CBD. 

Inventory, Sales Tax, and eCommerce might trip up other accountants, but not us. 

Our Wealth to Wellness Framework is deployed specifically for product based businesses to build a simple system of effective tools that help you set and reach impactful goals.

Learn how much more you could be getting out of your business by scheduling a Free discovery call. Are you missing out because of common mistakes? Are you charging the right prices for your products? Paying too much in taxes? Wasting money on useless ad campaigns? The accountants and CFOs at Sonder Accounting can help you plan for a more profitable future!

Click here to schedule your free discovery call!
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