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Unsure if you’re throwing money down the drain?

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It’s high-time to consider hiring a CFO

  • Is my business as strong as I want it to be?

  • Can I afford to buy the equipment I need?

  • Do I need to hire more employees?

  • Are my advertising campaigns working, or am I throwing money down the drain?

  • Is my accountant aware of industry-specific concerns?

  • Does my accountant ever help me plan for the future?

  • Can they be saving me more money?

  • Do I even know what my accountant does?

Ask yourself these questions:

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you are wasting money on sub-par service.

Stop wasting money on reactive accountants!

To build wealth you need someone who will help you plan your future.

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) make your accounting do just that. 

We don’t just look at your past expenditures. We plan how to make you the most money based on industry-specific benchmarks, and by analyzing your habits, upcoming needs, and historic trends. Our goal is to build you lasting wealth and legacy. That's how we formulate custom programs so that you don't let money go to waste.



  • They connect your sales and operations teams 

  • They predict cash-flow and respond to fluctuations

  • They consider what risks are worth taking

  • They make sure your finances are compliant 

  • They build strategic plans to proactively scale your business

  • They steer your business through financial crises

  • They create systems to bring different parts of your business together

  • They evaluate your current policies 

  • They pinpoint fraudulent activity

  • They help your business stop surviving month-to-month, and start making money!


Sonder Accounting's CFOs know the ins-and-outs of the businesses we serve. There’s more to successful financial planning than watching cash flow. You need to gauge how well you perform compared to other people in your industry. You need to use your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to understand how to price right, set sales targets, and maximize profits. We look at these and other signs to pinpoint where you can be making more money and growing your legacy.

What do Chief Financial Officers do?

We offer a range of expert financial options, customized for your business.

Outsourced CFO

Our high-caliber CFO service provides your team with detailed financial planning. We work to bring you the most profitable future by:

  • Connecting departments inside your company

  • Using KPIs to help you determine the best practices for your business

  • Influencing the important choices that directly affect your success

  • Assisting you to make informed decisions about equipment, personnel, and locations changes

  • Optimizing tax strategy and managing cash flow

  • Evaluating product strategy and pricing

  • Creating plans to build wealth and to adapt swiftly to industry changes


Hiring an Outsourced CFO from Sonder Accounting is sure to change the future of your company for the better. We have made significant wins for our clients, notably those that revenue between $250K and $10M a year. 


As you grow, you might consider bringing your accounting in-house. A dedicated bookkeeper sounds like a good investment after years of working with external accountants. But are you willing to put the financial security you worked hard to build into the hands of one person? Do you have the resources to make sure that they are doing their job correctly? An outsourced controller can stay on top of your internal accounting team by:

  • Overseeing accounting operations

  • Ensuring that teams are following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

  • Cost and product overview and analysis

  • Profit forecasting and crisis management

  • Confirming that financial data reporting complies with industry regulations

  • Guiding accountants to make sure they don’t miss key data

Your business may not be ready to build a whole accounting department, but you could still get the benefits of financial guidance and planning. Our controllers provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your accountants are on track, at a fraction of the cost of an internal controller.

Staff Augmentation

Not all businesses are ready to bring on a full time accountant. They are ready to grow, but not quite prepared for the responsibility of another full-time internal team member. Sonder Accounting has custom-fit staff solutions to help you navigate your financial needs. Consider augmenting your staff with one of our qualified experts. Benefits include:

  • A trained bookkeeper to handle the day-to-day finances

  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable management

  • Inventory control

  • Direct on-site supervision of your finances

  • Real-time answers to your questions

  • Helpful insights to improve your business

  • Personal attention and targeted projects 

  • The backing of the Sonder team 

Get your books in order with one of Sonder’s trained accountants and rest assured that your finances are in good hands. Our team of problem solvers can get your business prepared for the next stages of growth and expansion.

This is just a snapshot of our full-service accounting offerings. You can count on us for sales tax management, product pricing strategy, payroll, monthly accounting services, and much more. 

Check out our Roadmap to Business Financial Success to see the common accounting functions your business needs at every stage of growth.

Team Meeting

Customized accounting packages with CFO-level reporting and insights. 

See how Sonder Accounting’s CFOs can point you towards a more profitable future!
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