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How would you define SUCCESS ?
Find out what success means for you by using Key Performance Indicators.
Welcome to the digital age. Every move your business makes is tracked by software. Within moments you can be swimming in data. Site traffic? Demographics? ROI? Revenue? Gross Profit Margin? Conversion? Churn rate? Traffic? Employee satisfaction? 
The alphabet soup of data can be overwhelming. And getting you nowhere nearer your goals.
Don’t waste time and money fretting over metrics.

Let Sonder Accounting track KPIs to laser guide you to success.

What's a KPI ?

There are three parts to determining your Key Performance Indicators:

# 1 Your Goal

In order to be successful, you have to decide what is success.
We will work with you to pinpoint specific goals for your business.


Do you want to add a certain number of customers? Plan for an exit? Maintain the status quo? Defining success allows you to know if you are, well, successful.

# 2 Your Data

It can be difficult to figure out what data shows you your progress. 
Instead of getting dragged into the weeds, we can hand pick the right information.

By carefully selecting the right metrics from the right sources, we will tailor reports that show you exactly where you are successful. And if there’s work to be done we will know it.

# 3 Actionable Insights

It's all fine to know that there’s work to do. Having the information you need to make effective decisions is another thing. 

We compare your data against your goals. That lets us strategize with you so that we actually make efficient moves towards your goals. Lasting changes. Changes that help you blow right past your goals. Before you know it you will be questioning your old definitions of success.

Think you don’t need us?
Your excel spreadsheets got you covered?
Think Again.

Sonder Accounting has included KPIs as a key function of our accounting service since 2016. We’ve seen hundreds of variations of frankenstein spreadsheets that business owners stitch together as they try to understand their ecommerce, inventory, and reporting systems.


eCommerce alone is a nightmare web of financial softwares with inconsistent data. Add in our problems with banking and merchant processing, and it’s no wonder your hometown CPA is not equipped to support you.

You need an accountant skilled in the unique nuances of your industry to develop the appropriate accounting systems for your business. We: 

  • Know what your financial data should actually look like

  • Have seen the same mistakes made over and over

  • Have helped others in your position

  • Know that your passion drives your commitment to your business

  • Share your goals

We are the best choice to:

  • Benchmark your progress against others’ in similar industries

  • Help you pinpoint industry trends early on

  • Keep your information simple and understandable

  • Develop a proactive mindset in defense of our roller coaster industry

  • Focus on your profitability

  • Distill the hidden keys to reaching your goals

Sonder Accounting does so much more than your average CPAs. 

Reporting your KPIs is just another way we make sure your business is as profitable as it can be. We are the go-to place for insightful analysis of your business financials.

Can you taste it yet ?
Get on your way with KPI tracking and reporting.
Click below to schedule your free discovery call. See how Sonder Accounting can set you on a path to smashing your goals and achieving success.
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