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Gusto Features

Updated: Jun 12

Sonder Accounting has teamed up with Gusto to help your business maximize its profitability while eliminating many necessary, but costly functions. Your business can get ahead of the competition by focusing their resources and attention away from payroll and HR, and more on the goal of growing your brand.

Why Gusto?

Our partner, Gusto, has revolutionized many of the complicated payroll tasks that companies need to perform on a regular basis. They can help your business with payroll, benefits, time tracking, and other Human Resource functions, by providing tools for both employers and employees.

As you may have experienced, payroll is one of the most difficult tasks for a business owner to manage. Even if you hire an experienced accountant there are many things that can go wrong. Every year updates to tax laws and to laws pertaining to the employer/employee relationship can throw your company for a loop. Any lack of compliance in these areas comes at a hefty cost to your company, and many times these costs can be crippling.

Employee benefits can be difficult to keep track of, especially if you are a busy entrepreneur and are constantly multitasking. Many employees see this as a big portion of their compensation for their work performed, so it is imperative to have your benefits offerings on point. In Gusto, each employee has their own profile which will give them detailed insight into their time, compensation, benefits, and access to advanced payments in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Gusto takes care of all of these tasks (and more) that can be easily neglected and come with a high consequence.

Gusto takes your business to the next level!

Having the best tools allows your accounting professional and managers to focus less on HR work, and more on other things that can be more profitable. Depending on the needs of your company, many of the most common Human Resource functions are completely taken care of with ease. Additionally, when you are looking to expand your business, they can provide you with the right documents and a time-tested process, which makes it much easier to go through the hiring process.

Not only that, but Gusto easily integrates with the most popular accounting systems such as QuickBooks, T-sheets, and many others!

How much money can you save by using Gusto?

According to many of the mainstream job websites like Indeed and Monster, the starting annual salary for a Human Resources and Payroll Accountant can start at upwards of $40,000 per year.

For a company that hires 2 separate people to fill these roles, it can cost them around $80,000 or more annually! By contrast, Gusto starts at just $45.00 per month.

Every company has different needs, but if you compare the costs associated with hiring a professional to the costs of utilizing new, efficient technology, you will see that there is no comparison when it comes to your best value.

Don’t forget that you will have access to a team of people watching your back. Many times, even the most knowledgeable accountant can miss things. Having more than one person makes it less likely for common mistakes to occur.

Gusto stays on top of all the new compliance laws as they arise, to ensure that you never get caught off guard and you will always have access to high level professionals if you ever have any questions about the process.

Sonder Accounting can help!

Sonder Accounting has helped many businesses’ large and small to integrate their processes into Gusto, allowing them to simplify a complicated and complex process. We also have Gusto Certified People Advisors on our team, meaning that we are specifically trained to help you with your payroll and HR needs. With our assistance you will maximize the use of the product and have even greater accessibility to people that are knowledgeable and experienced in using Gusto.

Let Sonder Accounting and Gusto take your business to the next level by using cutting edge technology that most businesses have not yet taken advantage of. The Gusto specialists on our team will bring an extra level of certainty that your Payroll, HR, and benefits programs will be taken care of with great diligence and efficiency.


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