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3 Ways an Outsourced Controller Can Increase Your Profits

Updated: Jun 10

You know your business is well into its take-off journey when you start looking into hiring a controller. Chances are, you’ve reached the point where you need assistance with accounting, and your in-house accountant is just not around enough for your business needs.

Controllers are such an essential part of any business operation that, without them, it can be impossible to achieve your business goals. They are responsible for key financial operations, including:

  • Financial planning and budget management

  • Oversee the daily financial operation

  • Preparation of the budget and financial forecasts

  • Tax planning and compliance with federal, state, and local payroll

3 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your Controller

How does this directly benefit your business? The three main ways a controller can benefit your million-dollar business, possibly making the difference between success and failure.

1. Offer Irreplaceable Expertise

Hiring a controller is a big ordeal that requires a candidate to meet big standards. The right controller will have a plethora of skills that you can’t obtain anywhere else. If you can’t seem to find the right candidate for your business, don’t despair. Keep looking, because the perfect match is very important. Your controller should be educated, experienced, and passionate about the work they will perform for you. This essential role should go to the right person.

2. Prove Reliable Reporting

With this exceptional level of skill, you can look forward to in-depth, accurate, and insightful financial reports. This will help you see what is working in your business, what is not, and what areas can be improved. While in-house accountants and CFOs can benefit a company, outsourcing allows you to see the bigger picture. The result? A financial analysis that portrays your entire operation.

3. Make a More Effective and Efficient System

You can also expect your own accounting system to work more efficiently with a controller on hand. They’ll make sure you have the money you need in the bank for all your business needs. They can also improve your cash flow statements, helping you to impress your investors with the quality of your organization


Your Next Steps

Now that you have a better understanding of how an outsourced controller can benefit your organization, it’s time to get to work hiring one. With Sonder Accounting, you can find the most experienced accounting professionals available.

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