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Meet Your Trusted
Profit Strategists
and Accountants

The Accounting Team that Helps You Boost Your Bottom Line. 

Let us show you how we use every tool at our disposal to help you take more money home each month.

Man Holding a book with money above it.
A financial report with a calculator
Two people looking at reports, with a coffee mug and calculator
QBO Pro Certification
Group of people with money above them
Umbrella blocking rain from a briefcase and financials

Budgeting for a Rainy Day
(and a Sunny one)


Who we are

We are a brother-sister duo who specialize in building financial systems that actually support founders in growing their impact. We serve small business owners that don't play small. Our clients have a commitment to longevity and legacy. 

In the last five years, we've built a set of systems that blows your typical bookkeeper out of the water. We perform a focused range of services including Bookkeeping, Payroll, Cash Flow Management, Sales Tax Preparation, AR/AP, Outsourced CFO, and more. 

We build real relationships and become an integral part of the teams we work with. We learn the inner workings of your company and the biggest goals you have for the future.

And most importantly, we are complete data nerds who love to optimize and clarify your financials so you can actually use them to generate impactful insights that change the way you do business. 


Kara Headshot green blazer (1).jpg

Kara Janowsky

QuickBooks Wizard /
Outsourced Accountant

Founder, Sonder Accounting
& Fractional CFO

Max Janowsky

Two businessmen shaking hands

Who you are

We work with dynamic brands that generate $250K to $20M annually through the sales of strategically positioned products and services. 


Your role as a leader is to design and orchestrate the vision and strategy that will catapult the company.


You work with a passionate team that is empowered and driven to target the gigantic leaps you seek.


And because you trust them to be the driving force every day, you ensure they have strong, effective, and efficient foundations to support their work.

Our plans are fully customized and scalable.

We cover the basics that you need across accounting functions, and recommend strategic consulting packages targeted at your specific goal centers.

Many people having a business meeting

We have built a comprehensive toolbox to get you to where you want to be financially. From bookkeeping and payroll to profit strategy, we walk the path with you, using your financial situation for your best outcomes. 

Because each and every business is different, we help you find the right combination of services to get the most out of your financial data. We charge a flat rate for nearly all of our services, so you always know what to expect.

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